Magico Ultimate

Ultimate III er i Magico Limited Series (sammen med MProject). Ultimate er trolig verdens mest ambisiøse høyttalerprosjekt. Høyttalere er bygget som et 5-veis aktivt horn-system. Dynamikk, transparens og holografi i verdensklasse. Verdens beste høyttaler?

The blend of drivers is so seamless, the soundstage so wide and deep, the top-to-bottom tonal balance so neutral, the imaging so natural, the transparency and resolution so very high…
-The Absolute Sound


Omtaler av Magico Ultimate

The Absolute Sound

This is spooky realism you have to experience for yourself (if you’ve got the bucks and the opportunity). Just be aware, if you do have the money, that once you hear the Magico Ultimate IIIs you may find it tough to settle for anything else.


Alon Wolf and the team at Magico are having one heck of a dream.

Driver Complement:
1 x 1″ horn loaded tweeter
1 x 6″ horn loaded upper midrange
1 x 20” horn loaded lower midrange
1 x 12” horn loaded Midbass
1 x 15” Woofer, coupled with a 4,000 watt amplifier

Sensitivity: 114dB
Impedance:16 Ohms
Frequency Response:
 Height: 94″ (238 cm)
 Width: 18″ (footprint) – 48″ (top) (45/122 cm)
 Depth: 42″ (footprint) – 65″ (top) (106/165 cm)
Weight: 1100 lbs. each (499 kg)