AVM PA8.2 er en modulær analog forforsterker med valgfritt rør i utgangstrinnet, RIAA (MM og MC), USB inngang.

PA 8.2 is a modular preamplifier in a massive 8mm thick OVATION aluminium housing with slots for 8 inputs and two output modules of your choice.

Available input modules:

Stereo line input RCA/Cinch + XLR (2 inputs switchable)
Phono input MM/MC, gain and input impedance adjustable
FM tuner module with RDS
D/A-Converter with USB up to 192/24, switchable filters
D/A- Converter with SPDIF Coax and optical, AES EBU upsampling up to 192/24, switchable filters
Processor in/output
Available output modules:

Tube output RCA-Cinch (unbalanced)
Tube output XLR (balanced)
Additional features:

3 separate power supplies: Analog +, Analog -, Digital
Class-A headphone amplifier
Sound control module
Wideband power supply 80-260 Volt AC built-in
Minimized stand-by power consumption
Phase indicator
Blue graphic display, dimmable
RC3 included
Wide array of menu functions (i.e. adjustable input sensitivity, individual input naming etc.)
Available finishes: Aluminum silver or black, Chrome front optional

kr 88.500,-